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Re: filmscanners: Light Source (Nikon LS40 vs. Minolta Scan Elite II)


as initiator of this thread I want to thank you for your
in-depth information. Although previously almost about to
order the Nikon LS-40, I am now a little uncertain especially
about the reported problems with depth of field. I guess I
will wait until the Minolta Dimage Scan Elite II becomes 
available in the store and try to get a sample scan of the
two scanners in question.

Thanks to all contributors for their information,

> ....  (long and valuable explanation deleted)
> The most common complaint about the Nikon scanners (other than buggy 
> software) is that the depth of field is limited by the low brightness of 
> the LED lighting source.  This might cause even minimally bowed images 
> (slides or negs) to become out of focus around the edges.  Some suggest 
> that mounting images in glass slide mounts might resolve the problem, 
> but that introduces others, like another 4 surfaces to keep clean of 
> dirt and scratches, and removing images from their original mounts.
> So, the choice is yours.  There are obviously reasons for both systems.
> Art


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