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Re: filmscanners: RE: filmscanners: pushing dynamic range on thenikon 40 00ed--What is Analog Gain

At 3:17 PM +1000 19-11-01, Rob Geraghty wrote:
>...The "analog gain" actually
>changes the integration time ie. how long the CCD is exposed for...
>PS You can try changing the analog gain to a large value in Nikonscan and
>you will see how it slows the scanner down.

Interesting.  I hadn't tried that experiment.  The Analog Gain 
sliders let you adjust the gain +/- 2 units, and the manual says each 
unit is 1 EV, and (in conventional photography at least) an increase 
of 1 EV should double the exposure time.

I've found that in addition to moving the master gain slider up 2 
units, I can also move the R, G, and B sliders up 2 units and get 
increasingly lighter scans (of slides).

I've assumed that this gives me a maximum exposure range of +/- 4 EV. 
So it looks like when I move all the sliders all the way to the right 
the scan should take 16 times longer than usual.  I'll try this some 
time and see if that's what really happens.



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