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Re: filmscanners: best film scanner for b&w negs

Bernhard Ess wrote:
> Ive read several times that the Dmax for b&w negatives is considerably
> lower with the Nikon Coolscans than for colour negs. Which of the existing
> film scanners gets excellent results also with black and white material?

That was me who asked this question first about Dmax for b&w film with this
I haven't received any answer but I carried a simple test myself. I don't
have the scanner yet but I measured the Dmax of my negs with a professional
The results are the following:

- the highest value recorded was 2,35 (very dense sky area in a picture
measured for the shadows, the sky was not intened to show any detail)
- the highest value were detail should be preserved was 1,85
- most often the highlights have value of 1,5-1,7

- the highest value recored was 2,60
- usually highlights have the value of 1,75

- the highest value was in the filmleader 3,48
- the darkest areas where detail should be preserved had the value of

Dmax of  4000ED for b&w film is said to be 2,3.
My conclusion (without seeing the actual scans) is that this machine should
cope with my b&w negatives as most of them have highlights of about Dmax


Tomasz Zakrzewski


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