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Re: filmscanners: Image management software

I will need to look at iView (though I currently run on the PC platform).

My base requirements are just the ability to track images based on keywords,
date, serial number, submission history, submission status, rights status,
and possibly a thumbnail (I don't scan everything).

The ideal would be the ability to track any digital manip.  As well as
'wetlab' darkroom processing including localized burning, dodging, paper
type, enlarger used, exposure etc.
----- Original Message -----
From: "frankmazz" <frankmazz@mediaone.net>
To: <filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2001 10:52 PM
Subject: Re: filmscanners: Image management software

> Just curious, what are you looking for in such software? My dream is to
find a system to track all scan settings and then any manipulation to the
image. And, again dreaming, the system would be able to connect (relate)
each variation (filename) to each other and to the original.
> How's that for a wish list?
> FrankM
> At 8/13/01 01:53 AM -0700, you wrote:
> >I'm looking for some recommendations on what image management software
> >are using.  The size of my image collection, both scanned and unscanned
> >growing past my normal haphazard filing systems capabilities.  Given the
> >amount of images being scanned, anyone have any recommendations?


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