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Re: filmscanners: SilverFast Upgrade Disaster

In a message dated 8/12/2001 4:56:31 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
steve@gccl.fsbusiness.co.uk writes:

Not wishing to sound to gloomy, but the advice sounds like a "we have no
idea - but it might work if we re-install everything". The good news is that
it often does - the bad news is IME it more often doesn't. When I had a
problem they gave me all sorts of advice and blamed other software suppliers
when I knew it was their problem from the tests I had done. I had also found
a way round the problem which was an inconvenience rather than a
showstopper. 3-6 months later an update fixed the problem but they didn't
e-mail me to tell me. If I had paid the normal asking price (it was bundled)
and my livlihood depended on it I would have been bloody livid.

Depressingly Lasersoft support is actually better than many others.


Your comment about workarounds gave me an idea.  After the reinstall of
Photoshop, if SilverFast causes Photoshop to freeze again with a 500 MB file
from my SS120, I'll try to install SilverFast as TWAIN rather than a
Photoshop plug-in.  I remember having a similar problem where my Microtek
ScanMaker 5 flatbed scanner with ScanWizard software would cause Photoshop to
freeze about every third scan.  ScanWizard could be used either as a
Photoshop plug-in or as a stand alone program, so I run it by itself now.  
You're right, it's not convenient, but right now I need to get some work done
and the sooner the better, even if it's not convenient.


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