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RE: filmscanners: Why not sRGB ?

Steve writes ...

> Many people on this list use Epson printers that supposedly
> work with sRGB.
> If you don't use external printing services or if the
> external service you use have their printing set-up to
> sRGB then why not use sRGB.
> Everytime you convert to or from one colour profile to
> another you have the potential to mess up your print
> If your end target is sRGB (which includes web work) why
> not just work in sRGB?

    If you have absolutely no need for a color space with a larger gamut
than sRGB, then you may as well be using it ... archive to target.  But I
believe you're wrong about sRGB being the suitable color space for Epson
printers, and sRGB certainly does not contain some colors available to print
with Epsons ... even AdobeRGB doesn't.

    You are correct in saying there is a "potential" for messing up your
print with color space conversions, but it isn't necessarily the case ...
you simply need to know what you are doing within a chosen workflow.  (...
granted, it sometimes isn't so simple ...)

shAf  :o)


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