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Re: filmscanners: reply regarding Sony 420 G monitor

Rob writes ...

> > > >It is hard to imagine this Sony monitor not having the ability to
> > > >the individual guns (... is this some type of "consumer" model? ...).
> Is this stuff necessary?  I discovered that under Win98SE just about any
> fully supported video card can do the required gamma adjustments.  The
> monitor doesn't have to do anything AFAIK. :-7  The profile just tweaks
> RGB levels.

    Not necessary ... but advisable.  Remember, with software (Adobe gamma
or video card software) you are tweaking an 8bit LUT.  As an analogy, would
you choose to tweak RGB gamma in Photoshop twice, or just once?  You are
doing a bit of the same thing when you adjust the color LUT once, and then
ask for compensation or adjustments in Photoshop.  Rather than adjust the
LUT twice, most monitor calibration softwares will first give you an option
for first putting the monitor temperature exactly where you want it with
hardware adjustments ... then the calibration (or characterization) software
(and/or puck) does its thing with characterization and gamma.

shAf  :o)


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