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Re: filmscanners: Custom ICC printer profiles

Alan Eckert [aeckert@cpcug.org] wrote on Thu, 9 Aug 2001 23:01:05 -0400

> Pixl in Denmark, which creates custom ICC profiles by supplying a file
>and asking you to send in a print of that file for evaluation.  Costs $200.

You can buy a program to do it yourself. Sure it might not be as accurate
but do you know which spectrophotometer Pixl use? And lets face it,
you're running a consumer printer not a million dollar four colour press
.. :)

Colorvision produce "Profile RGB". It's 139 in the UK. You make a print
from their target and use your flat bed scanner to produce a profile. Er,
if you have a flat bed! Doing it yourself means you can produce a profile
for each paper type you use and keep everything up to date. Ian Lyons has
a review on his web site.

David Gordon


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