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Re: filmscanners: SilverFast Upgrade Disaster

RogerMillerPhoto@aol.com [RogerMillerPhoto@aol.com] wrote on Tue, 7 Aug
2001 18:53:05 -0400

>Does anyone know if the $45US upgrade includes both SilverFast Ai and HDR?  

I think it does but I've always been confused about HDR. My Polaroid 5.5
upgrade allows me to save raw scans, that's HDR ain't it? (Scan Type: 48
Bit HDR Color)

I'm confused because when I bought (note, bought, not bundled!)
SilverFast I received two serial numbers, one for Ai and one for HDR. I
seem to remember putting the HDR serial number in once, but never since
I've used an update and 5.5 hasn't asked either.

Of course as HDR is doing a raw scan the NegaFix will be of no importance.

>I don't 
>want to go through the effort of another IT-8 calibration if the upgrade 
>destroys the calibration.

Remove your "Polaroid (SilverFast)" folder from your Photoshop Plugins
folder and put it some where safe. Then install the 5.5 upgrade - which
is a full version and does not update the old copy. You now have two
copies, version 5.whatever and 5.5. You will need to calibrate for 5.5
but it will not have any effect on your old version. Come to think I had
both versions in my Plugin folder at once, no problem.

>My recommendation would be that no one have anything to do with SilverFast 
>until they get their house in order.

They sorted my serial number/password problem within two hours of my
calling. You need to speak to the Florida office. They are helpful,
despite everything!

David Gordon


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