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Re: filmscanners: Re: filmscanners: Infrared dust removal accuracy

Most scratches I have on B&W negs are not through the silver image, but 
either on the non-emulsion surface, or on the emulsion side, but not 
through it, so that light shows through.

That's one nasty type of scratch that literally goes through the silver 

Obviously one problem with using these "clear" areas as a mask is that 
all clear areas would become part of the mask, not only the scratches.


Lynn Allen wrote:

> Rob's right, of course; since IR won't pass through silver halides, it 
> won't have much reference for repairing a BW neg. OTOH, it seems like it 
> would create a perfect "mask" if the neg were scratched, because the IR 
> *would* pass through the scratches. It could then be offset slightly to 
> pick up the values to one side of the scratches, or from a blurred copy 
> of the picture.
> I don't know if anybody's tried this, but it seems doable, at least as a 
> theory. If IR reacts the same way to a fine line of detail as it would 
> to a scratch, however, it would probably be more trouble than it's 
> worth. :-)
> Best regards--LRA


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