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Re: filmscanners: OT but interesting - Interview with Jay Maisel

Thank you Mike.

I couldn't have said it better.

In all the years that I've been involved in photography, I've never read 
anything that would indicate that he would settle for anything less than 
the what he considered to be the best. As you've been able to read in the 
interview, he's not the most computer oriented person. There was nothing in 
the conversation to indicate that any of the companies whose products he 
uses (outside of Nikon) sponsor him. Most of the time, he had to be 
reminded of the manufacturers names for the hardware he uses. If you think 
that Epson is sponsoring him, ask yourself why he isn't using the 2000P at 
this point.


> >From what I know of Jay Maisel, and I am sure Larry will concur... Jay 
> doesn't
>suffer fools or less than the best equipment for one minute (and a New York
>minute at that)... Jay's quest for perfection and zero tolerance of less than
>the best manifests itself in his work (his ratio of rejects to good takes is
>extreme... he and Pete Turner are merciless when it comes to their own 
>he may be getting paid by Nikon, but he wouldn't use their gear if he didn't
>beleive in it... he wouldn't have left K-chrome for Velvia or Velvia for 
>if it didn't meet his standards... this is a guy who was probably pulling in a
>million or more year from his shooting in the mid-80's, who refuses to 
>sell his
>stock for less than absolute top dollar and doesn't need Epson's bucks to 
>use a
>1270... it's probably his way of proofing... he says in the interview he's
>getting ready to buy a printer that will give him pigment based archival 
>prints... when he shot film, his print method of choice was 
>dye-transfer... not
>at all a cheap way to print... Jay is still one of the top photographers 
>in the
>world, and someone to watch carefully and listen to what he says...
>Mike Moore

Larry Berman

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