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Re: filmscanners: OT but interesting - Interview with Jay Maisel

>From what I know of Jay Maisel, and I am sure Larry will concur... Jay doesn't
suffer fools or less than the best equipment for one minute (and a New York
minute at that)... Jay's quest for perfection and zero tolerance of less than
the best manifests itself in his work (his ratio of rejects to good takes is
extreme... he and Pete Turner are merciless when it comes to their own work)...
he may be getting paid by Nikon, but he wouldn't use their gear if he didn't
beleive in it... he wouldn't have left K-chrome for Velvia or Velvia for digital
if it didn't meet his standards... this is a guy who was probably pulling in a
million or more year from his shooting in the mid-80's, who refuses to sell his
stock for less than absolute top dollar and doesn't need Epson's bucks to use a
1270... it's probably his way of proofing... he says in the interview he's
getting ready to buy a printer that will give him pigment based archival quality
prints... when he shot film, his print method of choice was dye-transfer... not
at all a cheap way to print... Jay is still one of the top photographers in the
world, and someone to watch carefully and listen to what he says...

Mike Moore

Laurie Solomon wrote:

> Unless, of course, he - like many other big name photographers - is getting
> endorsement money or free ownership, leasing, or use of equipment from
> Epson.  In so far as Epson did not openly or widely acknowledge the problem,
> it is also possible that he has not suffered from the problem and is (a)
> unaware of the problem's existence or (b) taking as what Epson's promotions
> and advertising literature says without questioning it.
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> Sent: Sunday, March 04, 2001 6:43 PM
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> Subject: Re: filmscanners: OT but interesting - Interview with Jay
> Maisel
> Colin,
> I haven't been following the 1270/orange shift issue and never thought to
> bring it up to Jay. I assume he would have mentioned it had he felt it was
> a problem. He was very free with his feelings about all the issues we spoke
> of.
> Larry
> >Larry Berman wrote:
> > >We've just finished an interview with Jay Maisel
> >
> >Yes, that was very interesting. He sounds to be a fan of inkjet prints off
> >the Epson 1270, but no mention of the "orange shift". I am probably not up
> >to date on this topic, but is that problem more or less solved?
> >
> >A similar colour shift, to reddish-brown, is even occuring on some of the
> >prints off my Stylus Color 600, over only a few months, and they certainly
> >are not exposed to much light, in fact they are in an envelope most of the
> >time. It might be a particular batch of Epson Photo Paper, S041140, not
> >sure yet, but more prints have been done on this and another brand of
> >paper as a control.
> >
> >It's very disappointing to pull out one's prints and see these changes.
> >They are only good for the rubbish bin.
> >
> >Colin Maddock
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