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filmscanners: Introduction

I have just subscribed to this group in the last couple of days, and
wanted to introduce myself. My name is Noel, I live in Calgary, Alberta,
Canada. I installed a used Nikon Coolscan II, also known as the LS 20,
and have just begun to experiment with it.
I shoot mainly scenic and nature shots, usually with older cameras, from
the 30's to 60's and plan to use the scanner to put images on to inkjet
paper, or to publish to my simple website.
I can see from the messages so far that there are some very knowledgable
members of this list, and I look forward to learning from you all.
I currently use the Nikon provided software, and it also had an older
version of Silverfast with it. Silverfast provided me with an update to
the latest drivers, etc, for version 3 whenI faxed them a registration
form advising them of the change in ownership. I have downloaded the
latest Vuescan, but have not tried working much in it yet.
Is there a FAQ list or archive located on this list, so that I can
search it instead of raising questions that have been discussed to death
in thepast?
Thank you.
Please check out my website at eh link below, most of the images were
scanned from prints on a flatbed,but I am slowly replacing them with
negative and slide scans.
Noel Charchuk


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