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Re: [inet-admins] Fw: backbone transparent proxy / connection hijacking

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So it seems:
Against transparent proxying:
Karl D.
Against Digex transparent proxing:
Patrick G.
Upset about the problems with transparency not working:
Jon L.
Against transparency (for operational reasons even!)
Mike O'Dell
Thinks that bandwidth grows on trees:
John F
Pro hiarcheial caching, even transparency:
Pushpendra M
Hank N
Patrick M
Paul V
Sean Doran
andrew k
Alan H
Paul G
Rich S
Lamenting the lack of a Digex NOC to report transparency problems to:
Randy B


All well.  I'd guess that content providers had better start working
with cache vendors to make things work right, as I would guess a good
bit of the content is going to go through caches, if you like it or
not and everyone is going to be better off with it.

There should be a real good flame war when people role out CoS/Voice over IP/
RSVP to exist next to best effort delivery.  (My contract with
provider X clearly implies that my traffic should be treated with
equal priority to all other traffic on the network, therefore
you are in breach of contract for offering higher priorities
than best effort, oh and BTW you are doing unlawful wiretapping because
you are classifying traffic by type which means looking past the
IP address in the header.)

Jeremy Porter, Freeside Communications, Inc.      jerry@fc.net
PO BOX 80315 Austin, Tx 78708  |  512-458-9810

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