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Re: [inet-admins] Taking telco's E1 -- Ascend or cisco AS5300?

According to flx@comstar.ru:

> > Вопрос стоит за окончательным выбором оборудования access server.
> > Альтернатив рассматривается ровно две:
> вродебы  3 ?

Это Bay что-ли? :) Я, конечно, все понимаю... :)

> Что же касается сравнения  MAX4000/AS5300  то вернее человека чем  Serge Trofimovsky/cityline
> в России наверное не найти.  
> Трофф  ;)  Не поленись...   я думаю всем интересно будет тебя послушать.

:) Я уже написал. :) Кстати, нашел то письмо про Rockwell@Ascend и USR.
Сейчас проблема несколько залечена, но проявляется. :)

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To: "Chris A. Epler" <cepler@esinet.net>, ascend-users@max.bungi.com
From: "Kevin A. Smith" <kevin@ascend.com>
Subject: Re: (ASCEND) K56Flex vs. K56Plus
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At 02:19 PM 1/19/98 -0500, Chris A. Epler wrote:
>In the TServe Options... menu there is an option to set the MDM Moduation to
>either K56FLEX or K56PLUS.  What is the significance between these two
>settings?  Is FLEX capable of connecting to Lucent and Rockwell whereas PLUS
>only connects to Rockwell?

For K56 rates that is the case. However, it also alleviates the problems for
V.34 modems that have big problems with the V.8bis "burp" tone. K56PLUS does
not use the V.8bis protocol.

>I was poking around looking at settings trying to find why our USR X2
>customers are having so many problems keeping a routed connection to us. 
>Sometimes they just freeze up.  I'm not sure if it's a problem with the
>client side modem ONLY or communication between the MAX and the USR X2
>modem...  Any tips appreciated!

Since I'm not into plagiarism, I'll quote:

>The K56PLUS option turns off the V.8 bis tone that sometimes confuses V.34
>modems into slower connection rates.  If the user base negotiates V.34 or
>attempts X2 this is a desireable setting.  If the user base is trying for
>56KFLEX, you don't want to use it.
>The problem with the USR modems is due to a problem in the USR V.42 error
>correction code prior to 7/7/97.  Users with this problem have two options:
>1)  Turn off V.42 and use MMP compression.
>2)  Upgrade their USR firmware
>Rockwell put a workaround for the V.42 problem into the 1.160 and later
>code.  The intent of the workaround is to avoid "hangs", during which no
>effective data is transferred while the USR modem waits forever for the
>wrong frame to be retransmitted.  In effect, Rockwell recognizes the
>condition and retransmits the wrong frame.  It has a negative effect on
>throughput for that client connection, but the connection remains active.
>Hope this info helps.


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