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[filmscanners] Re: Good deal on nice digicam

This raises some very interesting aspects of digital cameras.

I should mention that the S3IS already offers live histograms, and the
flashing overexposure in review mode, and some customized scripts, but
not raw, which is very interesting.

What's most interesting is that most electronics today use firmware in
flash or other non-volatile memory which is accessible on some level.
The features, as long as the mechanics are there, are almost
unlimited,   Many devices these days can be advanced or reprogrammed to
make them more effective, or expanded in terms of features, in fact,
often the only difference between a high end version and a medium of low
end version of a product is the firmware, or the number of buttons on
the remote.

It is cheaper to just have the majority of the feature set in the
firmware and silicon and then extract a subset for a specific product line.

 Very neat, thanks for the heads up on this.


Al@greenspace.freeserve.co.uk wrote:

>On 07/07/07, Arthur Entlich <artistik@shaw.ca> wrote:
>>We recently purchased a Canon S3IS. ..........  Is it a replacement for a 
>>Not really, but it rocks for size, weight, features, and cost
>Do you want to add a live histogram, live flashing overexposure warning and 
>RAW as well?  Plus the ability to run custom scripts?  Look here:
>I've been trying this with my wife's Canon A620.  It's a non-destructive 
>(non-resident) firmware hack that enable some advanced DIGIC II features.  
>Because it leaves the original firmware in place, it can't damage the camera 
>(although it also means the firmware has to be loaded manually each time you 
>turn the camera on).  It's a bit clunky in operation but it does work very 
>well.  I'm not sure whether she will want to use RAW (because of the 
>additional workflow involved) but the additional exposure tools are definately 
>Besides, the whole ethos of taking a mass produced camera and unlocking 
>advanced features appeals to me!  Hats off to the hackers who have developed 
>Al Bond
>(PS I hope this isn't a duplicate - the first attempt didn't seem to post!)

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