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[filmscanners] Re: film and scanning vs digital photography

On Jul 7, 2007, at 5:15 PM, David J. Littleboy wrote:

> The 5D doesn't deliver a dynamic range advantage
> (at low ISOs), just a two stop sensitivity advantage across
> comparable ISOs.

Sure. I thought I'd already made that stipulation clear. Yes, a
bigger sensor will get you more high-ISO sensitivity. Of course. I
don't think anyone's going to question Canon FF cameras when it comes
to available-light photography. Above ISO 800 pretty much nothing can
touch them.

> Again, no. It all scales; ISO 400 is the same noise performance as
> ISO 100.
> So ISO 400 at f/4.0 is exactly the same photographically as ISO 100 at
> f/2.0.

Eh, good point. The Guide Number for range will double with the ISO
boost, even though the modifier for F-stop will be lower.

> I like my Mamiya 7, too. But it doesn't replace an SLR, and you
> have to need
> to print larger than A3 to need 6x7.


So IQ is vital to you unless it isn't. Heh...I guess we could go on
for a couple of days with me saying that 645 isn't a serious format
and you can choose to use an inferior format if it suits your needs,
but that doesn't make it worth using. ;-)

And FWIW, a medium format SLR is only useful, IMO, if you lock up the
mirror. When you start moving big mirrors like that around it defeats
the purpose of using a larger format. I tried out a couple of Pentax
67s at camera shows and releasing the shutter was like tripping a
mouse trap. The Mamiya is really well-behaved, IMO. I can live
without it being an SLR in exchange for not having a bid sheet of
glass swinging wildly to and fro inside the body.

I've actually been thinking about picking up a Fuji GX-680 III. Being
able to change off between 120 and a digital back plus having view
camera movements (although somewhat limited) makes a pretty strong
argument for owing one, but every time I pick one up at a camera show
the sheer bulk of it scares me away. It's a lot cheaper option than
the SInar M route, though.


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