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[filmscanners] Re: Initialization problem with Polaroid SprintScan4000

My memory isn't want it used to be (whose is), but I do recall there was
some problem with some SS4000 with a cable harness which wasn't allowing
for proper movement and could resolve in a wire or plug becoming loose.
I seem to recall it relating to the light source or sensor (although
that might be a mis-recollection).  I think the fix required cutting one
of the wire harness clips. Perhaps the unit in question was an older
model that wasn't retrofitted with this change?

The owner may wish to check for a snagged or tight wire.

However, the dust problem was also an issue where the light sensitive
sensor got blocked due to dust build up and this also could prevent


Tony Sleep wrote:

>On 09/06/2007 ppatton@bgnet.bgsu.edu wrote:
>>couldn't figure out how to pop the top off to look for
>>dust because there were no screws
>The rectangular slots in the base provide access to plastic clips which
>retain the cover - by the look of it, I haven't tried. They're a fairly
>standard form of screwless retention and need to be levered gently with a
>flat screwdriver blade to unclip at the same time as lifting the case lid
>Before you do that I'd check your SCSI card is properly seated in the
>computer (remove and reinsert), and make and remake cable connections and
>remove and replace the SCSI terminator block. If the scanner is chained
>with other SCSI devices, remake the connections at all of them. Trying a
>different terminator will also be worthwhile.
>The intermittency says its almost certainly a poor connection somewhere or
>dust/dirt, rather than a big expensive fault. You just have to find it :)
>Tony Sleep

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