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[filmscanners] Re: vuescan and the minolta 5400II

Slide film can be tricky to scan. I'm not sure I'd like to let it fly on
auto, which I assume is the only reason for having a slide feeder.

I haven't been following Nikon scanners, but in the past, they have had
depth of field issues, i.e. difficulty with curved film.

You have a different goal than I do, i.e. you want to scan old images,
which I assume are mounted slides. Since I got the 5400 II, I don't
mount my slides. This is a modest saving (though it adds up). Slide
mounting is where the lab can scratch the film. I had enough scratches
that I mounted my own slides in Gepe. [The Microtek film strip holder
was a piece of crap. You really needed to mount slides with that
scanner.] Now a Gepe mount does a good job flattening the film. However,
most labs use Pakon mounts. You may find you scanned quality to be less
than optimal if you combine a Pakon mount and the Nikon. I noticed a
lack of sharpness at the corners with my Microtek 4000t at times due to
curvature of the film in Pakon mounts.

ppatton@bgnet.bgsu.edu wrote:
> My only
>>regret is I don't see this now obsolete scanner being blown out for
>>pennies on the dollar. I like it enough that I'd get a spare since
>>repairs may be hard to come by.
>>This is where I got mine a few months ago:
> Gary-
> hotbuyselectronics.com is still advertising the Dimage 5400 II as
> available, and I ordered one last sunday.  At $489.00 the price
> is very reasonable for a scanner of this quality.  However, it
> remains to be seen whether this company can actually come through
> with the scanner.  When I called them they said they were back
> ordered and that the scanner was out of stock.  They expected
> more within about 10 days.  Perhaps they are simply unaware that
> the scanner is no longer in production.  I'm hoping that somehow,
> they have a supplier with a few of them still left, but I'm not
> overly optimistic.  I guess I'll find out by the end of next
> week.  Does anybody know of any other sources where this scanner
> might still be available?
> On another issue, I found an offer on Amazon.com where the
> Coolscan V ED is bundled with the SF-210 slide feeder for about
> $900.  The SF-210 is officially intended by Nikon to work with
> the Super Coolscan 5000, a much more expensive scanner.  I called
> Amazon about this, and although the sales representative knew
> nothing about scanners, she said that they get their information
> from their suppliers, or from the manufacturer.  According to
> Nikon's website, the standard single slide feeder for both these
> scanners is the same device, the MA-21.  This makes me wonder
> whether the SF-210 would work with the Coolscan V ED, and that
> Amazon's suppliers know something that Nikon isn't telling us.
> Does anybody on the list know anything about the compatibility,
> or otherwise, of the SF-210 50 slide feeder and the Nikon
> Coolscan V ED?
> I recieved a reply from Carlisle about this while the list was
> down, and here it is:
>>I'm not sure if it they will work together.  For sure the SF-210
>>feeder probably "fits", since  it plugs into the hole left when
>>you pull out the MA-21 single-slide holder.  The thing you need
>>to worry about is whether the V can "talk" to the slide feeder.
>  >When I look at my SF-210, there is a 24-pin plug that hooks up
>>to the scanner--
>>there isn't any such electronic connection for the MA-21 feeder.
>>I sort of suspect that the V doesn't have this connection, but
>  > of
>>course I am only speculating.  But I sure am intrigued by the
>>Anybody know the real answer?
> -Paul P.
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> Dr. Paul Patton
> Life Sciences Building Rm 538A
> work: (419)-372-3858
> home: (419)-352-5523
> Biology Department
> Bowling Green State University
> Bowling Green, Ohio 43403
> "The most beautiful thing we can experience is
> the mysterious.  It is the source of all true art
> and science."
> -Albert Einstein
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