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[filmscanners] Re: vuescan and the minolta 5400II

My only
>regret is I don't see this now obsolete scanner being blown out for
>pennies on the dollar. I like it enough that I'd get a spare since
>repairs may be hard to come by.
>This is where I got mine a few months ago:

hotbuyselectronics.com is still advertising the Dimage 5400 II as
available, and I ordered one last sunday.  At $489.00 the price
is very reasonable for a scanner of this quality.  However, it
remains to be seen whether this company can actually come through
with the scanner.  When I called them they said they were back
ordered and that the scanner was out of stock.  They expected
more within about 10 days.  Perhaps they are simply unaware that
the scanner is no longer in production.  I'm hoping that somehow,
they have a supplier with a few of them still left, but I'm not
overly optimistic.  I guess I'll find out by the end of next
week.  Does anybody know of any other sources where this scanner
might still be available?

On another issue, I found an offer on Amazon.com where the
Coolscan V ED is bundled with the SF-210 slide feeder for about
$900.  The SF-210 is officially intended by Nikon to work with
the Super Coolscan 5000, a much more expensive scanner.  I called
Amazon about this, and although the sales representative knew
nothing about scanners, she said that they get their information
from their suppliers, or from the manufacturer.  According to
Nikon's website, the standard single slide feeder for both these
scanners is the same device, the MA-21.  This makes me wonder
whether the SF-210 would work with the Coolscan V ED, and that
Amazon's suppliers know something that Nikon isn't telling us.
Does anybody on the list know anything about the compatibility,
or otherwise, of the SF-210 50 slide feeder and the Nikon
Coolscan V ED?

I recieved a reply from Carlisle about this while the list was
down, and here it is:

>I'm not sure if it they will work together.  For sure the SF-210
>feeder probably "fits", since  it plugs into the hole left when
>you pull out the MA-21 single-slide holder.  The thing you need
>to worry about is whether the V can "talk" to the slide feeder.
 >When I look at my SF-210, there is a 24-pin plug that hooks up
>to the scanner--
>there isn't any such electronic connection for the MA-21 feeder.
> I sort of suspect that the V doesn't have this connection, but
 > of
> course I am only speculating.  But I sure am intrigued by the
> idea.

> Anybody know the real answer?


-Paul P.
Dr. Paul Patton
Life Sciences Building Rm 538A
work: (419)-372-3858
home: (419)-352-5523
Biology Department
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is
the mysterious.  It is the source of all true art
and science."
-Albert Einstein

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