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[filmscanners] Re: large scanning project

Laurie Solomon wrote:
> In all seriousness, your questions and comments may be more appropriate
> for Nikon which still exists and is still in the business of putting out
> digital printers, cameras, and scanners; but they are meaningless when
> it comes to KonicaMinolta who have for all practical purposes gotten out
> of the digital business of making and selling scanners, and printers.

Actually they still make and sell printers.  They just got out of the
camera/photography/film/scanner markets.  But, yes, it is only Nikon who
has the ability to redeem (or at least try to) themselves.

> As for the speed at which companies are developing and distributing 64
> bit drivers, it depends on the demand for them; and obviously there are
> more 32 bit users who have 32 bit OSs and systems and are crying for and
> demanding 32 bit drivers.  The companies are more focused on meeting the
> demands of their larger popular market before turning to the specialty
> markets and audiences.

Drivers already work with 32 bit systems.  They are already satisfied.
I don't your point.

I'm not so sure Nikon had created a x64 driver for anything yet.
Further the x64 drivers aren't for the popular market -- it's really not
needed for the popular market.  So "when"  are the demands of the
popular market met?  the real answer is "never" so does that mean we
never get new drivers?  Is there always something for the popular market
that takes precedence?  But yet specialty products are made.  The point
is that these companies like Nikon reputations are built on the
specialty market and audiences -- the flagship (and high margin, low
volume) products at the top drive a lot of sales at the bottom (low
margin, volume) and these product usually come out first.  Finally the
needs of specialty market lead the needs of the popular market.  The
specialty market get 64 bit OS first, then the popular market follows
later.  If you meet the specialty market needs, you will be ready to
meet the popular market needs when they finally get around to adopting
the advance.

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