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[filmscanners] RE: Pixels and Prints

Thanks Darrell!

The link does offer some good information on the subject and does help
answer some of the questions - even the recent one involving the 240ppi vrs
720 ppi numbers.  According to the information on the document, all incoming
resolutions except the printers native resolution are resampled which means
that if they had been resampled once already they will have undergone a
resampling of the resample which can lead to poorer quality outputs.  The
document assumed that those files with the printers native resolution are
not resampled but just passed thru for further processing by the printer
driver; however, I am not so sure that this is the case without additional
explanation or evidence that the printers are that discriminating. I am
inclined to think that as a matter of general practice they perform an
resampling process on all incoming files regardless of their resolutions,
which means that a perfectly good 720 ppi incoming file will be altered in
accordance with the next neighbor formula so as to remain at 720 ppi but
with charafteristics different from what the original 720 ppi was.

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Hi all
 Good question Laurie. I see you have asked it several times. The one about
what the printer does with the binary data you send it. I vaguely recalled
seeing this explained, so it didn't take long to find this link
 The Lanczos interpolation really does seem to make a difference.

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