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[filmscanners] Re: blueish highlights in VueScan

I'm don't think this one is Vuescan's fault. Are you shooting flash, or 
available light?

An issue I've had shooting stage shows with flash is that some of the stage 
lighting mixes
with the flash, giving the scene an overall reddish cast. If this is corrected, 
then the
specular highlights created by the flash alone end up blue. Cross-casts like 
this caused by
different temperture lighting coming from different directions is an immense 
pain to
fix--there is usually no global fix, it's all spot retouching.

Brute force solution--bigger flash, higher f-stop, completely overwhelm stage 
Also be sure to use highest shutter speed that syncs. Do NOT put your camera in 
an auto or
program mode (except for an auto flash metering mode that leaves the shutter 
speed alone.).

Better solution--Orange filter on the flash, 80C filter on the camera. (Yes 
80C, not
80A--80A corrects all the way, but costs you more light. 80C gets you close 
enough you can
fix it the rest of the way in Photoshop. Tungsten with no filter generally 
leaves the blue
channel too underexposed to fix properly in Photoshop.) I know there's a filter 
for Vivitar
283s specifically intended for this application.

Of course, the gotcha on this solution is that there's no guarantee the stage 
lighting is
3200K tungsten--Spotlights have an array of gels available, the color could be 
anything. If it looks like it's been gelled a long way from 3200K you may be 
safer with the
brute force solution above.

Tomek Zakrzewski wrote:

> When I scan my negatives with VueScan and NikonLS-4000ED (stage photography)
> I notice that the extreme highlights are always blue despite the fact that
> the whole picture has proper color balance. I set the white point so that
> nothing gets clipped, in Photoshop I can still see light blue color color in
> highlights. When I adjust the S-curve blue disappears greatly but still
> exists.
> How can I get rid of this strange behavior of VueScan? Apart from this my
> scan from VueScan are great!
> Regards
> Tomek

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