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[filmscanners] Re: Scanning Software Quality

  • To: lexa@lexa.ru
  • Subject: [filmscanners] Re: Scanning Software Quality
  • From: "" <HMSDOC@aol.com>
  • Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003 18:45:01 EDT
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Laurie and others.....I think you may have solved the problem that has kept
me from using Vuescan for many months. At least I am hopeful that this is the
case, but we shall see as I have only tried using it for a half hour or
so...but no crashes yet.

I uninstalled both Vuescan and Polacolor Insight.  I was a little concerned
that by uninstalling Insight, that Vuescan and Windows would no longer be able
to recognize the scanner since when you uninstall the Polaroid software, it
says that the scanner drivers are being uninstalled as well.  However, after
uninstalling Insight, Vuescan still recognizes the scanner and I do NOT get a
'new harware found' alert from Windows.  Is that what one would have expected?  
have left Polacolor Insight off of the system for the time being.  So far, at
least, no crashes....if crashes start to occur again I will let the list know
in case this occurs to others...but for now this may well be a cure.

I do have a question or two regarding settings in Vuescan.  I realize that
this is not a Vuescan list and so perhaps have used up my allotment of allowed
Vuescan questions but will throw one or two more out there. If inappropriate
for this list please let me know.

I noticed that in the instruction manual it says that that the nominal value
(which, I assume, should be the default) for exposure clipping under the Input
Tab is .01 and that "if CCD exposure time is to low try increasing to .1 or
1.0".  Mine seems set, when I pull up all the options, to .1 as default, as
opposed to .01.  Is this merely an error in the instruction manual?  Anyone 
Vuescan care to check what value you have for exposure clipping?

I was also curious about the default of 1% clipping of the white point.
Doesn't it make more sense to set the white point to 0 and get all the available
image data there is in the scan and fine tune the white point in Photoshop??  I
do see where Vuescan can give you a color overlay for white and black point
clipping as well as for out of gamut colors, all of which is very helpful...but
would it not make more sense to scan at 0 so as not to toss out data...or am I
misunderstanding this?

Again, thanks for the help and hope noone minds the extra Vuescan questions
thrown in.


<< B)If Vuescan works prior to the use of any other scanner software (like
 Polaroid Insight software which uses a twain driver) but crashes or fails to
 work after the other software has been used during the same computer
 session, it may be that the Vuescan driver ( which is different from  the
 twain driver which Vuescan does not use) is in conflict with the twain
 driver in that both drivers may be operational at the same time in terms of
 the computer's operating system recognizing both simultaneously as installed
 and useable such that they are competing for resources or in conflict.  In
 regard to this, I have noted that twain driven software tends to install so
 as to become registered in the registry so that it requires the software to
 be uninstalled and reinstalled if you move it to a different location on
 your hard drive; whereas Vuescan does not.  Thus, it is very possible that
 the OS cannot regulate calls and traffic efficiently when both the twain
 driver and the Vuescan driver exist in the same set up at the same time as
 operating drivers, confusing the two and giving preference to sending orders
 to the default twain driver rather than to the Vuescan driver when one trys
 to use Vuescan after having used the other software prior to this.

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