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[filmscanners] RE: my XP laptop is driving me crazy

I think that the clue here is that Microsoft never ever, ever, sends out
patches as attachments, they only notify that it is available and you
have to go get it.  So if you get an email from Microsoft telling you to
install a patch that is attached don't and go to Windows update.

That being said, for Windows XP RTM code (the original code shipped)
there have been 51 critical updates and service packs.  I didn't go
through and count the number of IE updates, but if you have a base XP
build it is quite possible that you had to load several patches, reboot
load more patches etc.  This data is from the Windows update catalog.

Office product updates (for full outlook etc.) are at the following URL

BTW if you have used Windows update you have patched IE to IE 6 (unless
you explicitly stayed away from that upgrade).  A good number of the
fixes on Windows update are targeted at the browser components in the OS
(which is all of them) so even if you sourced an update from the IE side
of MSFT you got the same stuff you would get on Windowsupdate.


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You could be right; I will not argue with you.  But I have not ever had
a patch for Internet Explorer 6 or Outlook 2000 download using the
"Windows Update," although I have had the Service Pack for IE, which
upgraded the core IE code do so.  The patches aimed at eliminating
vulnerabilities in IE and Outlook or Outlook Express always required
that I manually go to the web site and specifically to either the Office
Update Download pages or the Internet Explorer Update download pages and
manually select and download the patches.  The things you refer to, I
have found, work with WINXP Service Packs and Patches that relate to the
WIN XP OS program or those aspects of IE that are integral to Win XP.

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