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[filmscanners] Re: keeping the 16bit scans

Robert Meier wrote:
> I would not use CDs either for several reasons. They don't seem to be as
> reliable as HDs. They have only a low capacity which poses a major hassle if
> you have to back up many GBs of data (switching CDs all the time). Burning
> CDs is fairly slow. They use up much more space then HDs. The are not
> rewritable unless you use CDRWs which are even a bigger hassle then CDRs,

Huh - not as reliable as HDs. Youve been lucky - Ive lost several over
the years, and more importantly, manufacturers are starting to reduce
warranties due to lower reliability. Hunt about on the net and see
the problems people have.

As for CDs/ images - this has been discussed before. Do two copies
on differnt branded media. Verify the data. It can take less than
2 minutes to burn 700Mb on a 50 quid CDR drive. I can imagine its a
pain with 100+ Mb images, but 'eggs in one basket' = 'images on
one HDD'. If CDs are a pain then get two HDs and backup to both
from the working machine. Get two different drive types - different
manufacturers/ retailers.

10 hours spent on scanning those images is worth the hassle, as is
backing up all over the place. You'll scream if you lose a large
disk I can assure you - I did.

> But I agree with you that a RAID system is not the best solution either if
> your main concern is backup. Personally, I have a big external HD that I
> only connect to the computer when I do a backup. The backup is done
> automatically once a week (I only have to remember to connect the HD). If
> you need to bring the files to other places get an extern USB2/Firewire HD.
> Otherwise just use a relatively cheap removable HD. Both approaches are
> quite reliable and simple. In addition if you get a BAD virus it will only
> wipe out the HD in your computer and not the removable one (if it's not in
> the computer).

That sounds much more like it. One nice thing you can buy is a hard
disk 'caddy' that holds a standard IDE drive, and can be removed easily
for this purpose. It fits in a 5 inch slot like a CD drive, and slides
in/out no problem. Cheap and effective.


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