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[filmscanners] RE: Adaptec USB2 to SCSI


I was the one who mentioned problems with XP and PCI bassed SCSI cards.
While I also like and suggest Adaptec cards, I must point out the the
problems encountered were with adaptec cards since they are the only ones
that I own.  This is not to say that the cards were the cause of the
problem.  I believe than in most cases the problem is with the the Adaptec
ASPI layer primarily.  Microsoft at one point refused to license it from
Adaptec and designed their own SCSI driver and ASPI look alike for WIN XP.
This more often then not does not work with older SCSI devices and third
party cards that make use of and require the ASPI layer.  Microsoft and
Adaptec, after the release of Win XP, finally came to an agreement; and
Adaptec released an ASPI Layer that would work with Win XP.  Unfortunately,
the OS's factsimile ASPI layer which the OS defaults to does not like to
live compatibly with the Adaptec ASPI layer in the same operating system;
and it tends to override the Adaptec ASPI layer unless one forces the
Adaptec layer.  Furthermore, some Adaptec cards ( those with onboard bios)
tend to work better in WIN XP systems than the cards without the onboard
bios and tend to find the Adaptec ASPI layer easier on Win XP systems than
is the case for the Adaptec SCSI cards without onboard bios. This may be
because the cards with internal bios and ability to support a bootable hard
drive get recognized by the motherboard's Bios prior to the loading of Win
XP; whereas, the cards without onboard bios which typically can support
devices like scanners but not bootable drives may not be fully recognized by
the system prior to the loading of Win XP but only get fully recognized
after the loading of Win XP.  As a result, WIN XP's default facsimile ASPI
layer gets installed before the Adaptec ASPI layer in this case, preventing
the installation of the Adaptec ASPI Layer.

Win2K and Win NT did not have the Microsoft factsimile ASPI layer but used
the Adaptec ASPI layer, which is why one may not have encountered any
problem with SCSI drivers, cards and devices with pre WIN XP OSs.

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Subject: [filmscanners] RE: Adaptec USB2 to SCSI

>Has anyone had experience with using Adaptec's USB2Xchange USB2-to-SCSI
converter to attach and operate LS-30 or other SCSI scanners?<

I own, and have used the USB2->SCSI on my notebook.  I was connected to an
Agfa T1200 flatbed.  I've also had great luck with a SCSI Zip drive.

Having said that, if you are not connected to notebook, a PCI based scsi
adapter will be cheaper and faster.

Someone mentioned possible problems with Windows XP.  I have not used XP,
but I would advise purchasing an Adaptec card.  I've owned three or four
over the years, and have never had a problem in any version of NT or Win2k.

Good Luck,

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