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[filmscanners] Re: My best scanner/film combinations -ideal film

Anthony - I had never thought of the possibility of an ideal film for
scanning like this, but I agree this would be great stuff.  Sadly you are
right it will never happen bec of digital, and because I think the
manufacturer would have to put up with a lot of flack about slides that
looked so crappy - low contrast.

And I meant to thank you and someone else (gone in the mists of e-time) for
suggesting Fuji Superia 100 as a good scanning neg film. I have never used
it so will try it. Until now I have been stuck between Supra and normal
Kodak Gold.  (I like the grain better on Supra but the colour on Gold).  I
think Kodak Royal Gold is/was considerably better than common person Gold,
but I can't get any of this any more, and not even sure if it is still made.


At 01:13 11/12/02, you wrote:
>This leads me on to say what my favourite film WOULD be:
>1. Colour reversal - Ease to 'see' and file
>2. Density of the actual film material - same as slide but a stop less
>in the shadows (should eliminate most scanning probs)
>3. Dynamical range film is able to capture - some where between slide
>and neg. I find that I don't every really utilise the full range
>available on neg film but need more than slide can give me. You would
>not need to 'expand' the histogram so much ending up with a less grainy
>image compared to neg film.
>The above film would look low contrast but a slide isn't the end product
>unless you project it. I assume most people on this list want to scan
>their slides!

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