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[filmscanners] Re: My best scanner/film combinations

I found Fuji Superia 100 to be the best 10/10 - Seems sharper than
Provia 100F but the quality of the colour is poorer as negs are lower
contrast so there is more 'colour noise'.
followed my Kodak Supra 100 8/10
Fuji Reala 100 7/10
Kodak Gold 100 6.5/10
Jessops 100 0/10 (Worse than Fuji Superia 400)


> The only 100ASA color-neg film I've used (I'm a newbie) is Kodak
> Supra 100. And I'm both eager and anxious to know how it compares to
> other possibilities for 35mm desktop scanning. Just now I have the
> Polaroid SprintScan (SS) 4000 (not Plus). I'd upgrade except that I
> don't think I'm yet making the best use of the SS4000 and Silverfast
> and Photoshop. Or feel confident that I'm using the best film or
> developer (shop).
> Sam
> >Hi all
> >
> >Just thought I would post this piece of info even if it is only of use
> >to people searching the archives.
> >
> >I have given up on slide film because the inability of my Microtek 4000T
> >to get decent details out of the shadows. I have experimented with just
> >about every 100ASA colour neg film I can get hold of. The clear winner
> >seems to be Fuji Superia 100. Don't go anywhere near Jessops 100 unless
> >you like the scanning artefacts you get from scanning 800 speed film!
> >
> >Of course with neg film you have to live with the not so smooth colour
> >gradients but at least it's better than losing you shadows and thus the
> >photo.
> >
> >Regards
> >
> >Anthony

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