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filmscanners_owner@halftone.co.uk <> wrote:
> Hello all,
> As best as my flaky memory can recall this is my first posting after
> decades of lurking on this the most informative and useful list to
> which I subscribe. I am sure that this topic has been discussed but
> of course I never pay much attention unless it relates to me...always
> been a problem. Anyway... I have a Minolta Diamage Scan Multi II
> which I generally like a lot (I have to since they now sell for a
> fourth the price I paid). Yesterday I was scanning a batch of bw negs
> and got about halfway through and thought I'd finish up today. Today
> I am getting fairly wide vertical bands, about 10 across the width of
> the 35mm frame, alternating light(er) and dark(er) with the dark ones
> approximately twice the width of the light ones. And so I got really
> annoyed, thinking can I send this thing out to the recycle trash or
> just throw it in the river (the Wabash, of song and lore). Here's the
> odd part--- I turned off the scanner, shut down the computer, and had
> one more cup of coffee. I waited a while and then cranked it all up
> again and tried another scan of the same neg. Guess what? No bands.
> Has anyone had similar experience? Is there something I can do? Other
> than not buy another Minolta. Cleaning? A good swift kick? I did try
> to track down the archive of the list and seem to recall that we
> don't have one. If I'm wrong on that please let me know the url or
> whatever. Thanks all, John

While I may be way off on these comments, they should be taken as merely
thinking aloud in hopes of offering some possibloe suggestions.  It could
very well be that the scanner needs an internal cleaning, that something
inside is sticking rather than moving smoothly, or even that the scanner may
be overheating for one reason or another causing the electronics to become
funcky until they cool down.  To use an inappropriate analogy, I once had a
film recorder that did the same thing when printing files to film, I was
informed that the intermittent problems like banding or error messages after
the recorder had heated up were an indication that the CRT was going bad.
In the case of the scanner, could it be an indication that the sensors or
converter could be going bad?  I will leave that up to the engineers in the
know to answer for you; but it is a thought.
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