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[filmscanners] Re: Problem with Nikon SA20 film strip adaptor (and withthe company answers)

Mike Bloor wrote:
> I have asked about this problem before, but I have now managed to narrow
> down what is happening.
> I have an LS30 with the SA20 motorised film strip adaptor.  This should
> take strips of up to six frames.

> It works fine with strips of up to three frames.  When I insert any strip
> with four frames or more, it is drawn into the scanner, and there is a
> series of loud clicking noises.  Scanning software (both Nikon and Vuescan)
> does not recognise that the film is there and so will not scan it.

I have a LS2000 and gives me the same problem;  the strip come inside
the scan but its not recognised, and i cant scan it. After trying many
times, i ended to put it apart and i scan with the FH2 strip holder with
the MA-20 slide mount adapter.

With nikon spain technical service, i dont want to talk again not by
phone, not by email: loose time, and the only answer is "send the
scanner".  they are so (so!) expensive and resolve the  problems just
for 3 months.

I had problems with the focus, the people on this forum gives me (so
quickly ) the answer: just clean, and how!  Meanwhile, the spanish
technical on-line service, answered, but ten days after my question:
before anything, you must register on something called "nikonist club" ,
of course you must  look for your garanty, the bill of purchasing, etc.,
fill information about you, and this way you will  "join this exclusive
club full of advantages", between them, the users atenttion. The user
attention never must be an "advantage", must be a right when you buy a
semi-pro item as seemed it was the LS2000.

All the time i have been (i am) user of nikon cameras and from the first
o second month after i bought the LS2000 i had discovering myself ,
surprisingly, hating the nikon company; well , really just its
"interface" with its customers, with the people that from decades were
supporting its products.
> Mike Bloor
> -------------------------------------------------
>             Seratel Ltd.
>        Computer Systems for
>      Electronics Manufacturers
>          Mulrany, Westport,
>          Co. Mayo, Ireland.
>            www.seratel.ie
>     Telephone: + 353 (0) 98 36244
>     Fax:       + 353 (0) 98 36024
> -------------------------------------------------

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