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[filmscanners] ADMIN: Virus detection (was Re: Bugbear virus)

On Sat, 12 Oct 2002 17:20:07 -0700  Arthur Entlich (artistic-1@shaw.ca)

> I normally do not announce matters regarding viruses to lists, but since
> I have now received about 6 infected messages (none from this list, BTW,
> but from people on this list who have my email address in some folder or
> address list) I thought I would mention it.

Just clarify that mail to the list is double virus-checked, nowadays. First
at the ISP, via Brightmail spam and virus checking, and then on the
listserver via NAV2002 with virus defs updated every 4hrs.

This lot interdicts spam and Klez/Bugbear/you name it at a rate of
~150/week. You are very, very unlikely to get any infecton via the list.

However I would still caution that anyone not running AV s/w at their end
is playing Russian roulette. The freeware AVG from www.grisoft.com works
perfectly well, so you have no excuse except laziness. And if you ever have
to clean up the mess one of these things can make, you will regret it.


Tony Sleep - http://www.halftone.co.uk
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