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[filmscanners] Re: over resolving scans

On Tue, Oct 08, 2002 at 05:09:41PM +0100, G. R Harrison wrote:
> Mr Entlich said:
> BZZZZZT.  B&W films have very LOW density ranges in the overall spectrum of
> density ranges of films.  You're lucky if you find a density range of near 2
> from B&W print film.
> ===============================
> This simply is not true: an examination of film characteristics in Adams'
> "The Negative" for example, will show half-a-dozen examples to the contrary.
> See especially Kodak Plus-X Professional treated with selenium toner.  From
> the first usable density of 0.3 above Fb+F (Film base + Fog) to 2.7 the
> curve is practically linear.

That may be but he uses Selenium toning as an example of performing
expansion in development. This means that the high values may be below the
density required for a normal print. Simply because the above example
produces a maxiumum density approaching 2.7 doesn't mean that it was done
with the intention of trying to use this density range in a print. I suspect
that everything above 2.1 (if indeed there is anything - remember this was
done to expand the range of what was probably a low contrast image) was not
important to the print.

Tony Terlecki

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