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[filmscanners] Re: A message to thread

On Thu, Oct 03, 2002 at 05:27:09PM -0700, Arthur Entlich wrote:
> One of the list members was mentioning to me that my submissions to the
> group don't thread with his mail reader, because they lack a "In Reply
> to:" field.
> In looking at the headers of my submissions, he seems to be correct that
> that field is missing, but there are others that might provide the same
> thing, I'm not sure.
> I use Netscape 6.2 as my mail program, and I have reasons for doing so.
>    So, I'm not wanting to change to a MS product.
> I have two basic questions:
> Are others also finding my messages don't position correctly in thread
> mode, and if so, does anyone know if their is a "switch" in Netscape 6.2
> that I need to turn on to allow for the "In reply to:" field to be
> generated?


I don't think it's Netscape that's wrong. Your email client does
complete a "References: " header which should be good enough for email
clients to thread with (Mutt does which I use).

The problem I believe arises when people try and start a new thread by
replying to an existing message in a thread (to get the group email address)
and then just change the subject line. This often causes their new message
to appear under an existing thread. When you reply to such a message your
email client doesn't know what to make of it (because of different subject
lines) and includes references to both emails. Many clients trying to make
sense of that may just give up and shove it on its own.

The problem would probably go away if people started new threads by using
the group address afresh rather than replying to existing messages with
changed subject lines.

In short - I don't think it's your problem. People should post correctly in
the first place.

Tony Terlecki
Running Debian/GNU 3.0 Linux

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