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[filmscanners] Re: vuescan

"Matt Haber" <matt@matthaber.com> writes:
seems like vuescan might be useful, but here are my gripes. maybe
somebody can set me straight....

my hardware is the nikon ls 8000.

I really liked Vuescan for the Epson 2450, but don't find it worth the
effort for the Nikon.

It seems to be very kludgy about helping to identify  a particular
image. It will do preview scans of everything, but that also takes a
very long time.

The Nikon software is much better for the scanner: the Vuescan scanner model
doesn't quite work for the Nikon. Ed Hamrick is very responsive to user
comments, so I considered discussing this with him, but got lazy. (Vuescan
assumes a two-step (preview -> scan) sequence, whereas the Nikon has a
three-step (extremely low-res preview -> mid-res preview -> scan). Since the
mid-res preview operation on the Nikon doesn't scan the whole film holder
area, Vuescan is quite kludgy for this scanner.

its only advantage seems to be the way the software is tuned to the
film. I use fuji Reala, and it seemed to produce a much better
preview scan right out of the box. BUT i'm not sure that alone is
worth it. any thoughts?

Last I checked, he didn't have profiles for Fuji films, but I guess people
were kicking him about that and he came through<g>. He's pretty amazing.

I can't speak to how important that is, since I still have a lot to learn
about color...

David J. Littleboy
Tokyo, Japan

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