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[filmscanners] Re: Upgrade Polaroid SS35+ to 4000?

Nick --

If you're running Windows 98 you might consider upgrading to Windows 2000 
Professional which offers the stability of XP without any of the newly 
obnoxious customizations. I, too, have a SprintScan 35+ which continues to 
work perfectly under Windows 2K (using either Polacolor Insight or 
SprintScan software). I find that the 35+ continues to provide conveniently 
fast scans and entirely satisfactory output. I also have a SprintScan 120 
scanner (for 2" film) and see almost no enhancement when I scan 35mm 
negatives with it at 4000 ppi compared to an up-sampled image at 2700 ppi 
from the 35+.

I agree, though, Ice would be nice...

-- Victor Landweber

At 02:34 PM 8/19/2002 -0400, you wrote:

>I have a Polaroid SprintScan 35 Plus that I use on Windows NT with an Adaptec
>SCSI adapter. I would like to upgrade to Windows XP but Polaroid says the
>scanner won't work at all on XP. I am satisfied with the scanner but I would
>like to run XP (for USB support and other reasons). Polaroid has offered to
>upgrade my 35+ to a refurbished 4000 for $750. I am contemplating doing 
>that or
>else buying a new 2800 ppi scanner in the $800 price range (Nikon IV Ed, 
>Dimage, etc.). What do you think?
>Some questions I have are:
>-- Would 4000 ppi give me noticably better 12x16 prints than 2800?
>-- Is ICE really as good as people say it is? (the 4000 doesn't have it and I
>spend a lot of time fixing spots on my images in Photoshop)
>-- How about dynamic range? Are the newer scanners better than the 4000?
>Another thing is that I'm not very anxious to buy another Polaroid. First of
>all, they are in bankruptcy, and secondly, I am not at all happy that they 
>upgrade my $1800 scanner (a lot of money for me) to the latest operating 
>Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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