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[filmscanners] Re: OT: Film processing costs (WAS: Re: Prints fromscans ...are there reallydifferences any more?)

I believe overall French workers (on average) work the lowest number of
hours per year, due to shorter work days and longer vacations relative
to workers in the industrialized world. If my memory is correct, they
also get paid considerably more per year based upon their actually work
time.  I consider this a GOOD thing, BTW.

There may indeed be less variability in pay scale from the wealthiest to
the poorest, as well, which I also think is a GOOD thing.  The US (which
is supposed to be a "classless" society), has some of the greatest
disparity between workers salaries.

France also has some of the best child oriented social programming in
the industrialized world (another GOOD thing).

For being the wealthiest country, the US is still below many for child
mortality rates, average life span, literacy, the medically uninsured
and other values normally considered important in an enlightened
society.  They do, however, lead the world for percentage of their
population in prison.

It isn't all about cheap film processing. ;-)


Anthony Atkielski wrote:

> Roger writes:
>>I did not know that, in spite of being an
>>european myself...
> Many Europeans do not know that they are making far too little money for the
> work they do and are paying far too much for goods and services.  That in
> itself is not surprising.  The weird thing is that, of those who _do_ know,
> most think it is just fine; they seem to equate a decent standard of living
> with evil, or something.  In any case, their (voluntary) loss is the United
> States' gain.
>>... here in Spain I am paying 3.00 Euro
>>per E-6 (or C-41) 120 processing (2 hours).
> Is this a pro lab, or a so-called consumer lab?
> I haven't found any non-pro labs that develop 120 here in Paris, although
> there might be some, somewhere.  I certainly wouldn't mind getting it
> developed for 3 a pop.

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