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[filmscanners] Re: film departing soon

It isn't restricting anything Anthony.  Businesses choose to submit
their materials to standards associations or not, and then it is left to
the buyer to decide if that standard is meaningful to them or not.

No one forced tuna fishermen to use dolphin "safe" practices.  An
organization was formed which provided a logos on tuna cans to fishermen
or companies that proved themselves to use the net techniques which
lessened dolphin kills.  Consumers who cared, looked for this logo and
perhaps chose to only purchase tuna that had it.

   No one stopped fishermen or companies from continuing the old
practices which were dolphin "unfriendly" but it turned out being a bad
business practice, so pretty much all the fishers changed their
techniques (at least we are led to believe that).

There are all sorts of standards groups to help protect consumers by
testing products and guaranteeing certain features.  The oil for your
car likely has a number of standards that are tested for to maintain
manufacturers warranty and good engine functionality.  I don't believe
oil manufacturers are forced to put their product through these test,
but they all do, because consumers typically won't buy oil that doesn't
have proof that it meets those standards.

I don't see a problem with it in these types of cases.


Anthony Atkielski wrote:

> Arthur writes:
>>Perhaps eventually a standard will be made
>>and one will buy rights to use a seal or
>>logo that is registered and authorized for
>>people using materials tested to meet that
> I can't go along with that.  I've never seen a case of restricting trade in
> this way that was beneficial to the consumer, in any domain.

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