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[filmscanners] Re: Web home page writing software

> Much of what you say is true, but I have
> to take issue with one thing.  Writing in
> HTML is equivalent to programming in assembly
> language.

No, I've done lots of both, and they are like night and day.  Writing HTML
isn't programming at all; it's writing pages of text with a couple of
keywords inserted inside (to mark things that should be in bold, links to
other pages, or whatever).  It is _very_ easy to learn, by design.

> If you want even a medium-sized web site,
> then you'd be crazy to do it in plain HTML,
> because the amount of repetitive typing
> would be prohibitive ...

The largest Web sites on the Internet are written mostly by hand in HTML.
It's not difficult at all.  My own site is entirely hand-written.

> ... and the number of needless bugs would
> be enormous.

Bugs are very easy to avoid, since HTML is simple.  And browsers are very
forgiving of HTML errors; even a page filled with errors can still display
quite nicely.

> The few hundred bucks spent on higher-level
> web design software is only a waste of money
> if your time is worth nothing.

You'll spend more time learning to use your web-design software than it
would take to learn HTML, and you'll additionally be locked into using that
web-design software forever, unless you want to repeat the time and money
investment to learn some other software.

HTML is very easy to write.  Unfortunately, this reality seems to be a
well-kept secret--most people assume HTML is too difficult to write by hand,
and so they never investigate it and never discover how easy and cheap it is
to write it all yourself.

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