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[filmscanners] Re: Black and white scans on LS4000 EDandotherissues

Oh, so I've become the "someone like" reference now, eh?


If you think my intent here is to mislead or just give uneducated
opinions with no forethought or research, just ignore them.  I have
found that the vast majority of people who have followed my advice in
regard to scanner decisions have been expressed to me that they were
better off for it, but I can't provide you with scientific evidence of
that, sorry.

A few credentials, if that helps: I worked in wet darkroom since I was
10 or so years old (when I built my first B&W darkroom) until about six
years ago when I developed a severe allergy to sulfites (that's over 30
years). I have managed a commercial lab and I also did custom Ciba work
for a couple of years. I've taught photography. I have judged numerous
photo contests.  In the midst there, I was president and G.M, of a
poster company in the US, working with a number of well respected
photographers and with a major offset printer in my capacity there.  I
have been working in digital imaging for over 10 years, and digital
darkroom for about 5.  I have sold my images and paintings for about 20
years, as both fine art and as stock images.

I even married into photography.  My wife's father owned a photo
portrait studio, and most of my brother and sisters-in-laws either run
studios or commercial labs and/or photo equipment stores (she's from
Quebec, they have very big families there).  My wife is also a
photographer, who has won a number of photo awards and contests (no, not
the ones I was judging!) and she too has been a photo judge (no, not the
contests she won ;-)).

I've never entered a photo contest. ;-)

I have strong opinions about all sorts of things.


Bob Frost wrote:

> Thanks Brian,
> Only having taken up serious photography a couple of years ago when I
> retired, I don't have the background of experience that you do. It's just
> that every now and again someone like Art states something (without giving
> any clear evidence) and my scientific background says "Hang on a minute,
> what's the proof of that?". It may be that you and Art are right; I would
> just like a clear scientific explanation of why you are right.
> Bob Frost.

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