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[filmscanners] Re: Vuescan and Nikon Scan for OS X

There is another "gotcha" for OS X that I have found for some USB
scanners, and may exist for Firewire scanners. If you are running OS 9
("Classic"), the drivers there can interfere with VueScan communicating
with the scanner. Depending on I don't know what, sometimes you have to
reboot if you let OS 9 "see" the scanner. I can't comment in detail,
because life is too short to figure out all the issues--but I have no
problem scanning from VueScan in OS X on a Nikon 4000 when OS 9 is not


>On 6/20/02 6:05 PM, "Simon Lamb" <simon@sclamb.com> wrote:
>> There was an old restriction when using Vuescan on a Mac (might have
>> to PC also) with Nikon scanners that certain files had to be deleted or
>> extensions removed or Vuescan would not recognise the scanner.  Is this
>> still the case when using Vuescan for OS X and Nikon Scan for OS X?
>I don't know the situation on PC.  But on Mac OS 9 and earlier, there is an
>issue.  The Nikon Scan software installs a group of files into the
>Extensions folder.  These files conflict with VueScan.  To run VueScan you
>need to turn off all extensions whose file names begin with "Nikon..." (by
>moving them out of the Extensions folder) and then restarting the Mac.  To
>run Nikon Scan, you need to move the extensions back, and restart.  A pain
>in the ass if you use both programs.
>The issue does not exist in OS X.  I have run VueScan and Nikon Scan in X,
>without rebooting.  But I have not tried running them at the same time.
>Julian Vrieslander <julianv@mindspring.com>
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