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[filmscanners] Re: Vuescan infrared cleaning

On Thu, Jun 20, 2002 at 12:18:27PM -0230, michael shaffer wrote:
> Isidoro writes ...
> > I noted, using Vuescan, that scanning with infrared cleaning (Light), the
> > corrections that Vuescan makes seems to be too much bright, producing
> > artifacts. This is particularly evident in ligth areas.
> > Have someone noted this ?
>   I haven't yet tried the most recent versions ... but I will ... and this
> IR cleaning effect would not be something I want to see.
>   I wish Ed monitored this list, but he regularly monitors the
> news:comp.periphs.scanners newsgroup.  You might want to post your
> observation there, or note Ed's e-mail and send him 3 small JPG examples:
> "no IR cleaning", "IR cleaned" & "IR cleaned by an earlier version".  All
> could be accomplished with the same raw scan.  You might also try this
> latest version and IR clean an earlier raw scan.

I've recently upgraded from 7.4.something to 7.5.32 and was generally
pleased with the progress made with the IR cleaning, especially with
scratches. Yes there are still some artifacts and I think the image will
always need a little additional touch-up work. Previously I just saved the
image as RGBI and toggled the IR alpaha channel on and off in Photoshop to
see what final touch-ups were needed.

However, one big change in functionality I have noticed in the new version is
that when IR cleaning is turned on Vuescan no longer saves the additional IR
channel in the TIFF file. Apparently Ed has now changed the functionality so
that it is an either/or affair - either you turn on the IR cleaning and you
don't get the IR channel saved in the image, or you turn off IR cleaning and
you get the IR channel in the image file. This is a nightmare if you want to
touch up the image when still in 16-bit mode and you want quickly to refer to
the parts of the image upon which the IR cleaning would have had effect -
there is simply no IR channel there anymore.

I've asked Ed if he could restore that IR channel saving feature but I doubt
he will do so just for me. If you ever found that feature handy it might be
worthwhile sending a polite email asking for that feature to be restored. If
he gets a few requests I suspect that might sway things.

Tony Terlecki
Running Debian/GNU 2.2 Linux

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