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[filmscanners] Re: FINALLY, why Nikon LS-8000 bands

Major A wrote:

> Art,

>>Unfortunately, so far, at any cost approaching reasonable, these factors
>>apparently cannot be designed out of scanners yet, and Nikon, it would
>>appear, did not factor these physical limitations into the LS-8000.  In
>>fact, this banding problem showed up long before the LS-8000, in some of
>>the LS-2000 models.  I suspect it was further aggravated by the size of
>>the structures needed in the LS-8000 to handle larger film sizes.  I
>>also suspect this banding problem will become more noticeable with aging
>>of the device, as tolerances get sloppier still.
> Really? As far as I can tell, none of the previous scanners had more
> than one CCD line (LS-2000 certainly didn't), and all Nikon Coolscans
> had a LED light source, so where did the banding come from?

If you fully follow my explanation, you will see that even a single line
CCD using Nikon's design and method of image capture could easily cause
banding, if the stepper motor got sloppy, which seems to be exactly what
happened with some LS-2000.  If you search through the archives, several
years ago, you will indeed find that banding with the LS-2000 was a
fairly common complaint. It isn't a requirement that the CCD capture be
triline, but it does make the problem potentially more difficult to
avoid when using the Nikon design and capture method.

>>If I knew that my last name translates from higher German to "Eureka!"
>>or "Enlightenment".
> Actually, "endlich" means "at last", and there is no such word in
> German as "entlich". And I'm not a military official either.

Well, being that this is SOOO off topic, I will make this short.  Yes,
the word was originally endlich, and yes, probably so was my name prior
to my great-grandparents arriving in New York an non-English reading or
speaking refugees and being assigned a name based upon their
pronunciation only.

However, the grammatical word endlich, is now commonly being spelled in
Germany entlich, like my name.  If you don't believe me, just go to
Goggle and put entlich into the search engine.  I used to do this to
monitor web references to myself and my extended family members (we are
the ONLY Entlich's in all of North America today, as far as we can

Worked great for years, a eight pages or less.  After 2 years ago, the
"word' entlich started cropping up in web sites and other places, and
now (just checked) there are 85 pages of references.  Most are German
sites and most have nothing to do with my last name.

Do you really think I wouldn't know the history and grammatical
reference and spelling of my own last name?  This reminds me of my
kindergarten teacher who had my mother write her a note because she
believed I was mis-spelling my last name, because our family pronounces
the "ch" as a hard "k" (also correct english convention for German
names), and therefore my name must have been spelled "Entlick"...

And, by the way "Eureka" ("I found it!"), and  "finally!" or "at last!"
are often used in English interchangeably, and I was informed of the
translation of "Enlightenment" by a German scholar (maybe he was confused).


>   Andras
> ===========================================================================
> Major Andras
>     e-mail: andras@users.sourceforge.net
>     www:    http://andras.webhop.org/

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