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[filmscanners] Re: opinions? Reviews? of Primefilm 1800 ?

As a result of your interest in this scanner, I went to have a look at
one last week.  I did not have a chance to try it, only to look it over
from a strictly physical standpoint.

There are some things I like about it (based upon the specs) and some I
do not.

The spec that impressed me is that it has a 14 bit/channel A/D
converter.  I guess they are getting cheaper.

However, it is rated with 3.2 dynamic range, which is a bit low for a 14

Resolution is something I couldn't comment on without seeing scans, but
if they are like the original Primefilm 1800 (the manual focus clamshell
model) it will live up to the 1800 dpi claimed.

The unit is a bit unusual in terms of how it loads film.

It loads without film carriers.  Slides load in the front one at a time.

Film stripes load by being fed into a slot at the top of the side of the
scanner, and the film come out a lower slot on the same side.   This
actually allows for a full roll to be feed through.  The scanner uses a
light sensor to determine frame positioning, using the space bars
between each frame, I suppose.

What I don't like about it is that the film is fed into this slot
without any protection, and it touches the molded plastic guides on the
side.  Taking this section apart, I found that these slots cover slots
in the metal cabinet.  These slots are surrounded with a closed cell
foam to protect the film from scratches, but they also provide a "nice"
dust trap.  Further, the film can easily carry dirt and dust into the
scanner area, seemingly with no way to get at this area.

The other thing I noticed in the limited instructions, which are only a
few pages long (repeated in about 8 languages) is that they suggest not
sending a film stripe smaller than 3 frames through this system, and
instead to cut the film into individual frames, mount them in slide
mounts and use the slide loading option.

It does come with Photoshop Elements, at least up here in Canada, and
they make one mention of Silverfast, but I don't believe it is offered
for this scanner and it would be an extra to buy anyway.

The unit seems resonably well constructed, and is shaped like the older
Minolta scanners, and upright box.  I'll leave the actual output to
someone else, because I never saw it n use.

It is autofocus and uses a USB connection.


Francoise Frigola wrote:

> A client is interested in the PacificImage Electronics' Primefilm 1800.
> I have only found the few words Arthur posted about it, on this list, in
> March and February.
> I am unable to find reviews.
> As anyone tried it?  How is it dealing with shadows and highlights details?
> My client will be scanning slides and MAY not enlarge them more than to
> 6x4".
> Because he only has a few 100s slides to scan he doe snot want to put too
> much money into it.  Of course I have offered to scan them at a higher
> resolutions, but, we all know that doing the job oneself feels better...
> Francoise Frigola
> Original Inkjet Prints in Multiple ~ Sculpture
> http://www.pe.net/~franou/

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