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[filmscanners] Re: Scanner & printer

"Arthur Entlich" <artistic-1@shaw.ca> wrote:

Have you discussed this slowness with Epson yet, to determine if that is
the "norm" or just either a defective unit or some weirdness in your
system.  I find this very odd, as I haven't yet heard another discussion
of this problem.

Remember that this is the 950C: an A4 printer that's announced but (I
think???) not available in the US. (It's been available in Japan for the
better part of a year.)

I'm using a parallel port connection and not USB 2.0; I haven't gotten
around to trying the USB cable yet. So it might get faster. However, I don't
think that's the problem: when you select the "no margins" check box, it
pops up a warning message to the effect that it's going to be slow and the
edges aren't going to look as good. The edges look fine but it is slow.

(Didn't I say this before<g>.) I did call Epson and complain, and the
low-level person I spoke to refused to say anything other than: the only
number I have here is 1 min 53 seconds for A4 with margins at "certain

> Secondly, I was wondering two things about the new Canon printers:
> 1) how permanent are the dye based inks considered

I can't comment on that, but I'd be quite surprised if it was significantly
different from the Epson dye-based inks. (FWIW, fresh Epson 950C prints have
the same disgusting smell as fresh HP970Cxi prints.)

2) The Canon 9000 reportedly has several thousands nozzles versus the
Epson's' well under 1000.  Has anyone heard of any clogging or related
ink flow problems with the Canon 9000.  Several thousand nozzles seems
like a lot to keep track of ;-)

Dunno. My basic take is that the Epson 2100/2200/4000, being a pigment ink
printer with both black and gray inks, is likely to be the definitive
art-photograph printer (the demo B&W demo print they show is lovely), but
that the Canon is going to be for the rest of us. I'm just getting back into
film photography after a long hiatus, and figured either the 950C or the 900
would be enough for my needs for at least a year or so...

David J. Littleboy
Tokyo, Japan

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