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[filmscanners] Re: Dimage Scan Elite II v/s Nikon Coolscan IV ED

I don't know if you are using a Mac or a PC and I don't know how much
dust and scratching you have to deal with.

If you are using a PC, may I suggest before you sell your Minolta Dimage
II that you consider downloading Polaroid's dust and scratch filter,
which is currently free of charge and try it with the Dimage II.

Personally, I found it very useful with the Dimage II, which is a
scanner which requires a lot of clean up from visible dust and scratches.

Unfortunately, I have had no successful reports of this program working
with a Mac yet, but I think a few people are trying to at least get the
Photoshop Plug-In version to operate.  Polaroid has both a Photoshop
version and a stand alone both from the same archived file, which can be
found at:


I'd be interested in if you find this software good enough to reconsider
your "upgrading" purchase.


Nagaraj, Ramesh wrote:

> Hi,
>             I am planning to upgrade my scanner. I have Minolta Dimage Scan 
>Dual II and I need scratch removal facility and that is the reason for upgrade.
> DPI of around 2900 is ok for me. I have not printed anything but may do A4 
>size printing.
> My requirements are
> a) DICE3, ROC, GEM
> b) < 1000USD
> c) Should be good at both Slide & Print
> d) USB
> I have narrowed my choices to
> a) Dimage Scan Elite II                Features: 16bit, 4.8 Dynamic range, 
>small so very much portable,660USD.
> b) Nikon Coolscan IV ED        Features: 16bit, 3.6 Dynamic range, looks 
>bulky, 850USD.
> My questions are
> a) Which is good performer with both SLIDE & PRINT?
> b) Does the difference in dynamic range really show up in ouput?
> c) Since Elite II is new model, Is it yet to undergo hardware bugfixes?
>     I am not worried about s/w bugfixes, since I use Vuescan.
> Please share your personal experiences and help me in deciding on one of 
> Thanks
> Ramesh
> ***** I am selling my "Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II", let me know if anybody 
>is interested ******

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