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[filmscanners] Re: sS 4000+ vs FS4000

  • To: lexa@lexa.ru
  • Subject: [filmscanners] Re: sS 4000+ vs FS4000
  • From: "" <HMSDOC@aol.com>
  • Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 12:06:07 -0400
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<<<Due to budget constraints, I am considering the Cannon FS-4000US instead
  of the Nikon 4000 or the Polaroid 4000+.  Has anyone had any experience
  with this particular scanner????  Would appreciate any comments anyone

As it turns out, I have just aquired an SS4000+ as I wanted an improvement over 
the output of the FS4000.

The FS4000 scans very nicely, is extremely sharp, and has not given me any 
mechanical trouble at all.  It is also supported by Vuescan, as in my opinion 
Filmget is not a great interface.  So why change?  The FS4000 is quite (and I 
do mean very) slow.  It also is moderately noisy in the shadows.  Shadow 
detail, IMO, is actually reasonably good, but I wanted more.  I have found the 
ss4000+ to be as sharp as the Canon but with much improved shadow noise and 
some improvement in shadow detail (though, as a relative novice, I don't think 
I am at the point where I am maximizing either scanners output just yet...but I 
think it will be harder to get outanding shadow detail with the Canon because 
of the inherent noise.)

So I think it depends on what you want to do with it.  If you are scanning to 
8x10 output and not planning to do critical viewing at 100% sizing on the 
monitor, than I think the Canon is an outstanding value.  If you are quite 
critical and expect 'professional' results then you may well be happier with 
the SS4000+.

I should also mention that FARE works exceedingly well with the Canon, though 
it is at its best when using Filmget, and not quite as great when using the 
Vuescan algorithm for dust removal.  Most of my slides are new and the old ones 
that I have are Kodachromes which are somewhat problematic for IR dust removal. 
 So if you need IR cleaning that might well take the SS 4000 and 4000+ out of 
the running.  I have not used the 4000 (without plus)myself.  Can't comment on 
the Nikon since I have not used it.  If you check the archives you will find 
that most are quite pleased with it, though some have had complaints about the 
ability to get sharp focus over the entire slide (now don't anyone be flaming 
me...I already admitted that I have never used it and am just repeating hearsay 

Let me know if you have any more questions about the Canon, as it doesn't seem 
that there are too many people on the list that use it.  At least there doesn't 
seem to have been much discussion about it.


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