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[filmscanners] Re: Real-World Scene Brightness Range

As often happens here, we're arguing for the sake of arguing.  This time
about semantics.......not light values.  I think the original message
related to HOW OFTEN these brightness ranges are found in OUR subject
matter, not whether or not they exist in nature or we can find them.

They do exist, for example, we've all seen them in our shots of the
underside of fishing shacks in Menemsha with light toned objects in the
bright, sunlit world also in the view finder.  I know we've all taken that
shot a number of times.  Or deep inside a tunnel looking back out at a
distant, sunlit white cloud.   Or the underside of mahogany pews,inside a
dark cathedral, with sunlit, pastel toned, stained glass windows in the
background, Or ....blah, blah, blah.  I'll bet that most of the 10+ stop
images from the architectural photographer were "caused" when doing an
interior shot, while at the same time wanting to retain detail outside
through a window.

Yes, these types of images exist.  In probably less than 1% of the combined
images taken by we, oh so serious, photographers.  So now that I've written
this last sentence, let's see how long it takes folks here to start arguing
about the 1% value.  Look on it as juicy red meat.

And to Bill Kennedy, thanks for the Jobo links to show one way of dealing
with them when we do find them.  Bruce Barnbaum, a noted large format, B&W
landscape photographer and Workshop Giver,  has also written on this subject
in case anyone is interested.


On 5/13/02 2:48 PM, "Austin Franklin" <darkroom@ix.netcom.com> wrote:

>> I took actual measurements...
> Stan,
> I also have taken actual measurements for many years, not just as an
> experiment to confirm or refute someone elses claim, but for photographic
> work I have been doing for over 20 years.  I can say unquestionably I have
> quite a few images that were shot in circumstances that had 10 stops of
> scene range.  The last series I did in Menemsha, which contained the insides
> (through windows) of little fishing shacks (that wasn't the darkest though),
> as well as the very dark undersides of wooden algae laden docks, under the
> little fishing shacks, and then full July sunlight, had many images that
> were 10 stops.
> If I am mistaken, then either both my Gossen meter and my Hasselblad 205 are
> both wrong, or I just plain don't know how to use a meter, which I know
> neither is the case.  I believe if you go looking for scenes that have that
> kind of range, you will be surprised how many you can find.
> Don't take this the wrong way, but I really feel like I'm arguing what color
> my car is with someone who has never seen my car before ;-)
> Austin
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