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[filmscanners] Re: 3 year wait

Austin Franklin wrote:

> T-Max 100 has a resolution rating of around 200 line pair/mm, that's over
> 10k samples per inch, and would be a file of APPROXIMATELY FOR EXAMPLE SAKE
> (since you are being anal about arithmetic ;-) ~10k x ~15k or ~150M pixels.

> Austin

The term Austin is looking for is "anally retentive" when refering to
someone who appears to be overly compulsed over accuracy.  It is a term
which was originally suggested by Freud, who believed that children go
through several psycho-sexual "stages" which included, "oral" (0-18
months of age) , "anal" (using between 18 and 36 months of age) and
"phallic" (3-6 years of age), and that some people, due to psychological
trauma during these stages, sometimes do not advance beyond them,
becomeing fixated.  The problem with using the term "anal" by itself is
that there are potentially two aspects to this stage, the anal
retentive, and the anal expulsive.

Freud went on to imply that those who were fixated in the retentive,
tended to be compulsively picky, critical, exacting, excessively neat,
and controlled.  Those suffering from the expulsive fixation, on the
other, ahem, hand?, tended to be excessively messy, sloppy,
non-exacting, and disorganized.

Personally, I think Freud was full of... well, anally related stuff, but
if his terms are going to be referred to, he'd probabaly expect us to be
"anally retentive" about it.  ;-)


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