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[filmscanners] Re: Scan Elite & XP?

I would ask Minolta if they have Win2000 drivers, and if so, I'd go that
route.  Everything I have read indicates that at least for now, XP is no
deal.  A lot of it's structure is based upon the NT OS, which is what
WIN 2000 is as well.  WIN 2000, overall got reviews as one of the most
stable OS MS ever made.  It still apparently beats XP, plus it doesn't
require permission from daddy MS to change a mainboard, etc.

 From what I've read once you have used WIN 2000 there is no turning
back for the increased pleasure of use.  Just make sure drivers are
available for any legacy hardware you will be using.

I may switch over myself shortly.


Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero wrote:

> Hello, I was just about to upgrade to Win XP (from Win 98) and
> discovered that the Minolta website indicates that the Scan Elite is NOT
> supported on XP.  When I called their support, I was informed that in
> fact it would NEVER be supported on XP (because it is being discontinued
> soon).  To say that I'm pissed at this lack of support for older
> products is an understatement (esp. when other companies seem to have
> provided SOMETHING).  I doubt I'll ever by a Minolta product again with
> this kind of support, but that's another story...
> My reason for writing is that I read somewhere that some Win 2K drivers
> work for peripherals in Win XP.  I'm wondering if anyone has tried this
> for the Scan Elite?  Or should I just forget the whole idea (until I
> have the necessary $$ to buy a newer scanner)?
> Unfortunately, I HAVE to do a clean install fairly soon because my Win
> 98 system is acting very flaky.  So, I'm faced with re-installing Win 98
> (ugh), upgrading to Win 2000 or upgrading to Win XP (and not being able
> to use my film scanner.)  I did read the thread on "which wintel OS" and
> realize that Win 2000 would probably be a good option.  But, I've also
> got a laptop with Win XP, so I'm already somewhat familiar with it.  Win
> 2000 is a complete unknown to me.
> Thanks, Jeanie

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